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And lo, the fans gazed upon Ryan Reynolds, clad in sexy red spandex. They beheld  his mouth, no longer shut, his face, ugly as a buffalo’s backside, and his mind, chaotic, violent, dirty, and bat-crap-crazy.

And they saw it was bad-ass.

After the debacle of Wolvarine Origins, fans of the randomly wrong assassin were literally lining up out the door to see Deadpool,  the Merc With the Mouth’s first real, life-action movie. Gone is the image of a man doing a terrible Baraka Cosplay (Mortal Kombat jokes make me feel old, yay!) and here to stay is the atypical hero, with all his weird one-liners, metafictional jokes, and juvinile bloodshed.  It’s wicked funny, and the fans are eating it alive (cue your favorite Walking Dead reference).

Deadpool’s first appearance set new records in how fast you could piss off a comic book fan.  If cruel and unusual punishment weren’t illegal, you can be sure there would have been legions of the nerd population at 20th Century Fox’s gate, wanting to know who’s bright idea it was to sew Mr.Pool’s mouth shut. He became a one note, one fight, silent protaganist, here to provide one more hurdle for Hugh Wolvyman to jump over before kicking the hell out of Mr.Villian. They did worse than making him unfunny, they made hhim forgetablereplacable, two words that need to be crucified if they’re anywhere near this particular character.

In light of this surely heinous crime, Origins: Wolverine had been banished to the cinematic black hole, and our new protaganist is too eager to remind us why we love Deady. Mindless and gleeful spreading of people’s inards onto the walls? Check. Loud and obnoxious one-liners that waiver between teenage boy and broken man? Check. Symapthetic backstory that makes us actually root for the hero? Check-a-rooni.

What fans of the comics may find disapointing is the typical nature of the story, completly juxtaposing the atypical character. Deadpool’s whole schtick is that he’s not a hero, he’s a parody of one. It’s why he’s literally dating death, incapable of dying for good, and constantly making jokes against the fourth wall about his fiction-ness.  But Deadpool the movie is almost sad in it’s traditional nature, reducing it to a love story.

Wade Wilson (Ryan Renolds) is a mercenary, former special forces man, and so adorabley snarky that I wanna pinch his cheeks. He’s fallen head over heels for Vanessa(Morena Baccarin): a prostitute who turns out to be the same concotion of crazy and nerdy that he is. Life is going well for them both, before it decides to drop a metaphorical anvil right on his happy place. When Cancer strikes Wade’s liver, lungs, and other various places, he’s at a loss for what to do. He’s approched by a creepy freak in a suit (, who tells him Weapon X can not only cure his cancer, but make him a superhero. With little other options, he agrees and lets them strap him in. But Ajax (Ed Skrein), is anything but an angel of mercy.

To avoid spoilers, it all goes belly up. The project is successful, making Wade immortal, fast, and indescructable. Problem? It’s left him with skin that looks like a zombie transformation went awall real fast. Weapon X leave shim to die, and Deadpool decides to take the fight back to them. The goal is simple: find Ajax (or Francis, if you wanna see his angry face), fix face, get girl, profit.

This plot is, to put it bluntly, very dull when compared to the character. It’s a Hollywood plot most certainly, but doens’t strike the viewer as all that innovative, parodic, or even crazy. The only thing seperating Deadpool from the Avengers is the tone, humor, and R rating, three legs that are very hard to balance on by themselves.

But balance they did.  The film is brash and hilarious, it’s only downfall that the creativity department went bankrupt before they could make a second draft of the plot. It’s still worth a watch if you love the comic, love the character, and need a good laugh this weekened.

Were you dissapointed with Deadpool? Was your bullet and brain quota met? Feel free to comment below, and don’t forget to follow and share if you loked what you saw.

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