Much Ado About Cumberbatch

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I think it’s safe to say that Sherlock fans suffer a great deal of separation anxiety.

Six years ago, Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat brought Sherlock into the world, the BBC’s modern reinterpretation of Conan-Doyle’s famous stories. Well-loved, turned into several gifs, and discussed ad nauseum, the show’s biggest downfall is the wait between seasons. Terrible, give the writer’s tendencies to end on juicy cliff-hangers,  albeit a necessity, given the busy schedule of all hands involved.

This is especially true for one of the leads, actor Benedict Cumberbatch, whose career picked up  after the first two seasons. While he’s given his assurance to the fans that he’ll happily play the detective until he and Martin Freeman are shambling old men, he’s still getting all kinds of big movie offers to keep him busy.

This time, he’s stepping into the world of superheroes. News surfaced way back that the well-loved detective was also throwing his hat into the Marvel Cinemaverse, announcing that he was going to play Dr. Strange, of the eponymous movie. Photos have surfaced on the internet of Cumberbatch in costume along with a kick-ass video.

For those who don’t dig into the slightly more eccentric comic-bin, Dr. Stephen Vincent Strange is the creation of artist Steve Ditko, first appearing in Strange Tales #110 (alongside the human torch). A former surgeon, Strange sought a cure for the nerves in his hands, several damaged after a car accident, bringing him to the “mystical” land of Tibet (older times, bare with me). The Ancient One, the world’s prime magical defender, wouldn’t cure him,  and was later attacked by mystical forces. Learning that yet another sorcerer wished to attack , Strange apprenticed himself to  the Ancient one and became The Sorcerer Supreme.

Strange was materialistic before his powers, egotistical and spoiled. So, safe to say, Cumberbatch has had some practice for this one. Also, given that his co-star, Martin Freeman, is playing Everett Ross in Captain America: Civil War, one could also speculate that they could meet yet again on screen.

As for fans of the show, they’ll have to put up with the mother of all cliffhangers from season 3 until 2017 (Moffat, Gatiss–we love and hate you). They can still get a fresh dose of the world’s greatest consulting detective, thanks to Titan Comics. The comic company will be distributing the English translation of the Sherlock manga series, with A Study In Pink available in June. The new series will be available both digitally and in print, with extended page counts and new covers. It’ll also feature new art, including works from Alice X Zhang. Zhang’s recent work includes the Blacklist comic series, but she has several beautiful Dr.Who covers under her belt as well. And if this image from her Tumblr is any indication, we’re in good hands.

What’s your favorite part of Sherlock? Thoughts on Dr.Strange?  Feel free to comment below, and don’t forget to follow and share.

One thought on “Much Ado About Cumberbatch

  1. I would have to agree with everything you have said. I’ve been a Cumberbatch fan since Sherlock began, and his projects since then have been ‘epic’ be it film, TV or Theatre (Loved him in Hamlet). I am suffering Sherlock withdrawal, and am constantly rewatching episodes (thank goodness for a small reprieve with the release of “Abominable Bride”). In saying that, I’m also looking forward to seeing what Benedict brings to the table as a superhero (and a mystical one at that). We’ve seen him as a superhuman villian (Khan), and Smuag was just epic. Looking forward to Dr. Strange.
    I find it interesting (and a little amusing) that both Martin and Benedict keep cross paths in different franchises. 😄


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