Top 5 Craziest Anime Hair Styles

Hair is something I was forced to learn a lot about. It’s also something infamous when it comes to anime.

Make no mistake about it, bloggers that came before me have made it clear that anime takes frequent liberties with the laws of physics, genetics, and chemistry when it comes to hair. The Rule of Cool has a iron-clad grip on the medium, and the top of character heads are no exception. The results that follow range from poke-your-eye-out to “Do you have wire in there, or are you an octopus?”

So we’d be remiss not to take a moment and to admire the pinnacles of follicle insanity within Anime. There’s always the obvious options, be it Goku’s Hair-Spikes or Yugi’s tri-colored tresses, but I think there are five other specimens whose Hair Magic deserve some real admiration… and possibly some scrutiny.

This is my Top 5 Craziest Anime Hairdues. As always, this is just my list, feel free to add your own in the comments.


Prepare to be dethroned, boys

5. Jessie – Pokemon


You can look at it from any angle you want, you’ll see the exact same thing, literally.

Jessie was the ultra aggressive half of Team Rocket, the perpetual failing villains of Pokemon:Indigo League.  She came up with most of the plans, pushed her teammates to do more ridiculous stunts, and genuinely abused them should they incur her wrath. But no one remembers Jessie for her energy, oh no: they remember that gigantic hair of hers.

Not only does this hair remain stationary no matter how she moves, but you see that gigantic curl in the back no matter what angle you’re looking from. This mean this baby has to be stretching out at least one foot from her head, which can’t be practical. The only time I ever saw this red hook ever move was when everybody was barreling down the tracks of a semi-abandoned roller coaster.

4. Kenpachi – Bleach


If you’re gone enough, this one will make noise. No joke.

So Kenpachi was one of the few characters from Bleach I was able to remember, cause the dude stands out pretty bad. Kenpachi is a Shinigami, meaning he fights bad souls and allows good ones to pass one, and currently stands as Captain of the 11th Division. The show established him as a bad-ass pretty early on, and nothing cements that further like hair that puts Goku to shame.

The hair in question reminds me of an explosion, what with the flat back and spikes pointing in various directions. But if these sharp spikes weren’t enough – and you weren’t already confused by the zig-zag hairline – there are little bells at the end of his hair that are only visible to certain people. That fact keeps me from taking Kenpachi too seriously, but such things quickly dissolve when you watch him fight.

3. Franky – One Piece


So what’s weirder than hair that refuses to move and perpetually defies gravity? Try Hair that never stays the same shape.

Cyborg Franky is a later addition to Luffy’s crew, one of many oddball misfits to be adopted into The Straw Hat Circle of Dreams.  His body is capable of shifting and changing in a variety of ways. So, of course, why not his hair?

This coif changes frequently, going from standard hairstyles (buzz-cut, pompadour, pigtails) to the downright crazy: a fabulous set of wings, spikes, and the canon you see above.  It takes a lot to stand out in One Piece’s crazy-character-generator, but Oda-Sensei once again proves that nothing is impossible.

2. Bobobo-Bo Bo-BoBo – BoBoBo-Bo Bo-BoBoBo


It should always feel like cheating to include this one. Nothing in this show is solid fact, at all. It’s all subject to random change, and Bo’s afro is no exception. But even with the show’s strange aesthetic… it’s all just too weird to let go of.

Bo lives in a random-world where soldiers are going around and stripping people of their hair (name subject to change via translation). Our titular character strikes back using his nose-hair (which he controls like whips) and the large blond afro you see now. But if you think that’s weird enough, sit down, cause it’s gonna get better.

To start, that fro is made from 24 karat gold. It also routinely gets split into two pieces and anything and everything under the sun gets yanked out of it. So far we’ve had an entire student body, two squirrels, a father duck, side-kick Don Patch, and other random sundry. I never thought I’d see a Mary Poppins bag on a man’s head, but anime continues to surprise me.

1. Sunny – Toriko


I will come clean;  I have not seen this anime. However, after doing some research, and watching a clip, I believe I have the perfect candidate for our # 1 spot.

The show’s wiki describes Sunny (or Sanni) as “one of the “Four Heavenly Kings” (四天王 Shitennou) and Rin‘s older brother.”” He sports what the show calls a “sensor power” which comes from the super-sensitive strands of his hair. He can feel things through hair-feels that can stretch for miles, which each strand color-coordinated.

The hair is even capable of changing Super Saiyan Gold as his “Satan Hair” power, which floats around him like golden tentacles. After watching this guy in action, I can safely say Sunny’s hair is anime incarnate: weird, wild, and just plain bizarre. 


What was the craziest anime hair you ever saw? Feel free to leave a comment below. Don’t forget to like and follow for more content like this.




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