My First Anime Crushes

Happy early Valentines Day everyone!

We’re in our first full week of February, meaning the stores are shilling chocolate and Hallmark like it’s going out of style. I’ll take this time to say how much I love my readers, you are my sugar-candy, and a thank you to She-Who-Will-Not-Be-Named who has helped me edit now since day one. She’s amazing, you’re all amazing, and I love you both.

Now then – onto romantic feelings for ink and paper.

To crush on anime characters is a strange, alien concept to all outside the animesphere, but commonplace to those within. When internet quiz sites and fanfiction exploded back in the day, so too did the rise of InsertCharacterHere x OC stories, where fantasy became a badly written book. We all had our big lineup of anime crushes, the one we had custom-built Mary Sues for, and these just happen to be mine. These are my very first anime crushes, in all their embarrassing glory. Because if I can’t laugh at myself I can’t laugh at anyone else.

    • Tuxedo Mask – Sailor Moon




The girlies go crazy for a sharp-dressed man. Any girl from the 90’s can testify.

Old School Tuxedo Mask was the favorite for a lot of girls in the original Moon Madness. The dashing hero who arrived with a single rose and the swish of a cape sounds like something straight out of a romance novel, capped with the knowledge that he may or may not be your enemy. The fact that Tuxy was the routine kidnappee of the show also brought him into focus as it allowed a fantasy of saving the man you loved as opposed to the opposite. The newer cartoon makes him a lot nicer to look at, but I have a soft spot for the man of yesteryears.

  • Future Trunks – Dragon Ball Z


My brothers were huge DBZ fans back in the day, which meant I ended up watching a lot of it to get to my own cartoons. But, sometimes, the reward could be sweet.

I can distinctly recall the first time I saw Trunks visit from the future, and how much I liked him. He was an older kid with cute hair and cool clothes, and who couldn’t love a badass with a blade? Because I was only a child, it didn’t stretch any farther than that, but I do remember that I finally accepted around that time that it was okay to have a crush on a fictional character. Weird or not, it was gonna happen, and there was no point in beating myself up over it.



  • Domon Kashu – G Gundam




This was another that came about because my brothers controlled the TV. My older brother was into G-Gundam for a very long time, long enough that the series grew on me and is still one of my guilty pleasures to this day. Because I’ve now seen far more of this series than any sane person really should, I developed a pretty superficial crush on the main character – Neo Japan’s champion and ironic King of Hearts, Domon Kashu.

I’m not kidding when I say this came from a completely superficial base. I thought the hair and cape were cool; I liked his voice; He could fight and seemed protective of his love interest. But considering Domon’s also a hotheaded, pretty boring protagonist, it didn’t last very long.

  • Sesshomaru – Inuyasha


You, yes, you in the peanut gallery; I can hear you. I know I called Inuyasha a failure and ripped it a new one. But how else can I know exactly why it failed its one job unless I knew it from the inside. Yes, I was a fan – still am of a few characters – and I freaking loved Sesshomaru back in my high school days.

In all seriousness, I, like many other High School Anime Nerds, had a thing for pretty anime characters. The king of Bishounen, Sesshomaru, was one of my big favorites and likely where my love of The Cold Jerk in romance games came from. But any Sesshomaru fangirl secretly understands that this attraction to a killer is pretty skin-deep. They won’t admit it out loud, but they know it to be true.

  • Sanji – One Piece




I’ve heard this show get called a lot of things. It’s been accused of being a cash0-cow, boring, predictable, and even stupid. And while the first and last complaint is valid taste-wise, One Piece will always be the show that made me the Shounen Soul I am today.  And the face that sealed that for me was the smiling one you see to your left.

The resident “Mr. Prince” was a fun character: cooks like a master, fights like a badass, swoons over women like a dork. While he had a foul-mouth and quick temper, Sanji became a favorite for a lot of girls who fantasized about a four-course meal by candlelight, a fantasy many still probably hold. While these days I find myself gravitating toward far more different specimens (*cough FireFist, *cough/Sob*) I will always remember one of the best additions to the Strawhat crew.


Who was your anime crush? Feel free to share below. And don’t forget to like and follow for more content just like this.

2 thoughts on “My First Anime Crushes

  1. I think my first anime crush was Li Shaoran from Card Captor Sakura. I also had crushes on Sasuke from Naruto, Yamato from Digimon, Tamahome from Fushigi Yuugi and Sesshomaru because, come on..he is like amazing.

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