The Otome Review: Seduce Me 2 The Demon War

Otome sequels are rare, at least in my own experience. But, like a movie or a book, the point of those sequels should be to expand on the story with fresh material. But it could also refine what’s already been presented by expanding on it and providing further context. Our newest entry is skilled at fine tuning an already rich setting and giving some fresh delectable cuts as well.

I saw screenshots for Seduce Me 2 about a year ago. I’d heard rumors up until then about a sequel, but nothing really concrete. To see the real screenshots for the art, and to see Michaela actively posting on Seraphim Entertainment’s Facebook, filled me with a sense of joy. I bought the game as soon as it came out, and dug through it for a whole week. 

  • The Plot

This one is mildly tricky to talk about, as the plot is different depending on which path you follow.  I’d rather not spoil the surprises per story, so allow me to simply guide you through the big one. However, this still spoils the first game, so please feel free to skip past.


See you again at the gameplay

We pick up where the true ending left off: Diana returns to the demon world after taking your energy and the incubi have settled in the human world. It’s just you and your chosen mate now, ready to settle down for a happily-ever-after. But your premarital jitters get worse when the Demon lord, the father to your little harem, sends imps to kidnap you on the day of your wedding. They successfully rip you into the Demon World but are stopped before they can drag you to his castle. Your rescuer is none other than the woman who tried desperately to steal back the boys, Diana. But Diana isn’t interested in you or the boys. She’s interested in making their father a pile of ash on the floor.


That’d be this asshole

And now you are too because you are cursed to remain in the demon world as long as you live. Either you or the Demon Lord must die nearby in order to leave, meaning you need to suit up and train for battle. You’ll have the help of your incubus, but you’ll also have a list of other dangers nipping at your heels.

  • Gameplay

Unlike other Otome titles, the player is not making choices to “get” the guy; you’ve already got him, after all. Rather, your choices made in story dictate whether you will survive the war ahead of you, or whether you and your incubus partner remain together when all is said and done. Instead of choices earning you “points,” you have a right and a wrong decision at critical points, and one wrong decision could result in a horrifying Bad End where you and your lover die… or your lover kills you. They like to keep you on your toes here.


image from:

Between making sure you stay alive, you also have to prep for battle; you didn’t think you’d sit this one out, did you? Worry not, you have five new faces who can train you for battle and one familiar, unlockable face as well. The Trainer subplot works the same way as above, with Success and Failure options. Pick the right choices and you’ll learn to defend yourselves using anything from bendable shadows to brute force punches. It’ll also give you new insight into the demon world. Gotta love that extra world lore.


This one was my favorite, which should surprise no one.

Ah, but what of our love interests? Well we have the same batch as last time, barring the human options, with their voice actors returning as well. Now your chosen partner is fawning over you through a the whole game, bringing wish fulfilment to new heights.  Each incubus also has their own unique subplot, adding replayability the last game lacked and providing a unique story all around.

  • Art

Ladies and gents, we have an art shift

As I cannot seem to find a source otherwise, I have to assume the art was still done by  Maltagliati. If I’m horribly wrong and snubbing someone’s hard work, please please let me know.


This art is gorgeous and I can’t give credit, I feel terrible T_T

In the meantime, the art has shifted away from its shiny, digital look last time to a more hand-drawn look. We’ve also gone farther into the anime-esque style, meaning everyone looks subtly different from the way they did last time. It was distracting when I first saw it but you get over it real quick. The backgrounds and CG’s are better than before, with fewer anatomy issues, and the detailing is lush.

  • Romantic Choices: Where are they now?

To sum up, you have the same options like last time, only now most of the work has been done for you. So, if any struck your fancy last time you can pick up with that incubus wherever.  Each incubus acts a lot like their old self, albeit after some heavy character development from the last game. I’m gonna go into a little detail about their subplots while keeping the spoilers minimal, but if you’d rather be completely surprised, then skip right about…


Oh, look, color!



Oh my darling eldest incubus, it’s so good to see you again.

Bradley Gareth is back with my favorite of the incubi brothers but has his heels cooled this time. Our eldest incubus sounds less bossy and snobby but somehow retains his dominating presence. His story takes a turn for the epic, as it turns out that fate itself is not pleased with your decision to take the demon prince off the throne. You’re gonna fight quite the legion to keep him in the human world, so prepare for something epic if you follow his route.

I.E, I did, several times over.



Our charmer is back a calmer, more gentlemanly specimen. This time Christopher Escalante isn’t pouring on the charm so much as laying this sweet, sentimental tone. It’s far more subdued than last game, but it’s good to see the redhead again. You’re certainly going to need him for this story, as the protagonist this time around is being haunted by a powerful spirit that seems determined to make her doubt her choice in partner. But if you keep calm and keep your faith in each other, the story you get is one of the sweetest, most heartbreaking ones in the entire game.



Sam was the uber-aggressive asshole last game, the “beast” that you tamed. Alejandro Saab brings back the growl in his performance, somehow making Sam sound even more aggressive than before. That super hard sound makes sense for Sam’s path, as a powerful entity is testing him for the fate of the kingdom; and we all know The Brute hates his skills being challenged. Sam’s story will take longer than the others, and runs pretty high on the emotions, so get a tissue ready and be prepared for the sniffles.




Matthew still looks like he hasn’t hit puberty – and that will always be off-putting to me.

That being said, were it not for the baby-face, I would have been delighted to play through Matthew’s story. Ethan Nakashima sounds playful and cool, giving the character a neat range of emotions through the story. The story itself is actually really intriguing, as Matthew is behaving far more violent than you’d think someone like him would, and he’s reluctant to reach out to the others for help. I know there’s a crowd of people who will happily help him out and make all the fanart the internet could ever ask for, but he remains just not for me.



Our youngest incubus and resident woobie returns, more chatty this time but still wrought with grief and pain. Just when you thought our Unique Ending couldn’t get any sadder, it does, by revealing that his path to becoming what he wants more than anything to be in the world is not over yet. Will he succeed, despite the life-threatening dangers? That’s up to the player, who I think will moderately enjoy Damian’s straight-forward playthrough.



Yes, just like last time, you can sweep the demonic princess off her feet should you so choose. Or, in this case, you’ve already made a distinct impression on her, and now it’s time to sink it and earn your place at her side. Ah, but you have competition this time: her faithful guard, Saero. He’s helplessly devoted, despite her misgivings, and you’ll have to push past… or maybe learn to share? I never cared to find out, but the option is open.




  • Final Thoughts

Seduce Me 2: The Demon War is a pretty fun chapter in this story and showcases that Michaela Laws has come a long way from her first game. We have more drama, more story variation, and a lot more interesting twists and turns than last time.  There are kinks when you play the game – a few grammar mistakes and some melodramatic parts – but it’s still a fun experience I highly recommend. In short, if you loved Seduce Me, the sequel will leave you smiling.


Next Time: The Royal Trap; Confines of the Crown

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