Attack On Titan VR

As a gamer, you always used to hear tales of Virtual Reality games that would immerse you in the action – take your games one step farther. These stories never really went beyond weird gimmicks when I grew up (90’s kid ftw) but these days they’ve seen some real fruition. I’ve even tried the VIVE when a relative decided to buy one for himself and I was blown away by just how immersive the whole experience has become. Needless to say, I was unable to walk across a virtual plank over a virtual cityscape even though I was more than aware that all I would step on was carpet.

Ladies and gentlemen, my perpetual shame

My embarrassment aside, I feel like the VR scene is a great place for game developers to really experiment. The place where they tend to really let their creativity run wild has been VR horror: Resident Evil 7, Brookhaven Experiment, Don’t Let Go etc. This den of insanity, however, has a new addition. I have found what may very well be a first person VR version of an Attack on Titan game.


Yes, I know this is old. But bear with me, this deserves a thought.

We’ll start with how awesome of a concept this is. Games that throw players in the midst of a war-torn battlefield, even the VR ones, are gonna be put to shame when players take one step inside Wall Maria.  Now the have the chance to walk the streets of humanity’s last stronghold, to fly around on the omnidirectional gear like a steampunk batman, and get scooped up by a Titan with intent to eat them.  Just imagine turning your body around and seeing THIS right behind you:



“I’m so happy you’re here.”

Ah, but with great power and great promise comes the great potential for screw-ups. Having experienced the pants-wetting terror that is a virtual reality plank, I recall the VIVE having some issues that don’t mesh very well with the AOT environment. AOT’s main attraction is having characters zip around on the omnidirectional gear – it’s even part of the opening – but there’s just no way the systems can reproduce that. Ignoring the sheer amount of wires the VIVE and others tend to have, there’s just not enough room and it’s just too dangerous to flop and jerk around like the characters do.


One of these days…

I believe it’ll be the latter. For starters, it’s hard to say which character we’re supposed to be in the game, if we’re a named character at all. To avoid SUPER SPOILERS, let’s just say that there are indicators in the trailer that we are not playing Eren Jaeger, Mikasa, or even Armin. Considering the camera moves in some rather unforgiving straight lines, with not even a hint of the free-flowing swing of the omnigear, I have to wonder just how well the developers can immerse the players.


I’m sorta in the action?

So, this trailer was posted back in 2015. Is the game out already? Is it just Wings of Freedom in VR?
I have no idea. Digging around Reddit produces me nothing and everything I find looks like just the VR versions of Wings of Freedom and the fan-made game from a few years ago.  So I leave it up to my gentle readers to see what they can find. If it’s real and there’s a new game coming out soon, awesome. If this has already existed for years and I’m just a stupid-head, we will fix accordingly.

But I can’t be the only one thrilled at the idea of a new first-person game, now can I?


Don’t look up.

What do you think of the trailer? Any general thoughts on AOT? Feel free to leave a comment below about anything you can think of. Don’t forget to like and follow for more content just like this as well.

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