Three Anime Characters that Describe Me

Whilst browsing my fellow anime blogs, I stumbled upon a fun post from fellow Otaku blogger (and super sweet lady) Aria Cross. She was answering a Twitter challenge to describe herself using three fictional characters and decided to explain her choices in more detail. I enjoyed it quite a bit and figured I would throw my own hat into the ring. Alas, I don’t have a twitter for the blog just yet.

I know, I know. Forgive me, internet, for I have sinned.


But I do have a blog, and my lovely readers, so I present to you here the three fictional characters I would use to describe myself. Today we get to know each other a little more, awesome reader base, and I’d be delighted to hear which you would use. So consider this a tag to you all.


  • Usagi Tsukino


This is predictable of me, I know. But I wouldn’t be honest with myself if I didn’t include the character that made one of the biggest impacts on me because she was just like me.

Usagi is the sailor scout with her big, childish heart on her sleeve. She trips over her own feet regularly, cries at the drop of a hat, and chases after her fabled Prince Charming with reckless and destructive abandon. She might scare easily, but there’s no denying her gigantic heart of gold.

In short, Usagi is extremely emotional and runs pretty wild with her emotions. I too am open with my emotions and consider myself a helpless romantic. She taught me to always reach out to the people who need a friend the most – a habit I kept up all through high school.

  • Edward Elric – Fullmetal Alchemist

Yes, I am comparing myself to a teenager. Sometimes the truth stings.

But let’s give Ed some credit, he was more mature than most kids his age. I, too, used to be told that I was more mature than most girls my age, while still sporting an out-spoken attitude that Mr. Elric here is also famous for. I have his “do-it-myself” attitude, I take responsibilities for my mistakes, and family is everything to me.  Much Ed, I’d like to think all of this has become more rounded as an adult and I’ve gained more confidence along the way.

Ritsu Sohma



But, as someone who is prone to accidental foot-in-mouth sentences, I am always worried I’ve said the wrong thing or done the wrong thing with my friends and family. And when that happens, I can’t think of much else to do but apologize, apologize, apologize.

Ritsu is one of many on the Sohma Trauma Conga Line in the reverse harem anime, Fruits Basket. He was never very skilled at anything in life, didn’t know how to be very assertive, and tended to cross-dress as a means to mentally feel like he didn’t have to be so aggressive. But his parents were almost constantly apologizing for their son’s behavior rather than being understanding and now he suffers from very severe self-loathing and criticism.

We are all our worst critics, myself included. I’m usually the first to assume I’ve made a mistake and the first to apologize as profusely as possible.


I’d love to see what the rest of you can come up with. In the meantime, feel free to like if you wanna see more post-types like this. And feel free to follow for more content!


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