• What is The Otaku-don?

The Otaku-don is a blog dedicated to anime, with yummy pieces of other geekdom in between. Here we talk about the medium in far more detail than any sane person would and try to see underneath its skin, looking at what makes it awesome, and why it does the things it does.

  • Why is is called “Otaku-don?”

“Otaku-don” is a combination of “donburi” and “Otaku.” Donburi is a Japanese dish in which meats and other foods are served in a bowl of rice.  “Otaku” can either be insulting or empowering, depending on where you are.  It’s usually used to call someone dangerously obsessed with something (like, basement in parent’s house obsessed) but the internet has been working to reclaim it as someone who’s a proud and super nerdy anime fan. As I have been watching anime since I was three, it seemed appropriate.

  • Well, who are you?

Call me A.C. I’m an aspiring writer, journalism graduate, and giant geek. I read way too much, draw when I’m bored, and work a retail job so I don’t starve. In short, I’m just like you.

I’m friendly and adore chatting for hours about this kind of thing, so feel free to message me about anything, from suggestions to comments about how I suck. I can take it.

  • When do you post? 

Every Saturday and Wednesday. Sunday for late posts, because I am human and occasionally life likes to kick my obsessive schedule down a flight of stairs.

-Ongoing Series: Saturday

  1. Top Ten/Top 5: Lists of things from Creepy Pokemon to Best/Worst of various things.
  2. Secrets to Success: How certain shows make themselves so successful in the face of a specific risk.
  3. The ____ Failure: Be wary, there be no censors here. This is where the worst of the worst goes to get a lashing, where I put a show through the wringer for failing at its one job.
  4. Why I _____: A small window into my personal views on anime, be it Why I love weird anime, or why I won’t watch a certain show.


  • The Otome Review: a deep look at Otome, or “Girl Romance” games, complete with character breakdown and final verdict.
    • Current – Amnesia: Memories
    • Next – Heartbaked

Love and Bat-Kisses,



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